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This document is prepared by DOD IT Solutions, to give you an idea of how our CLOTHING ECOMMERCE SCRIPT features would be. Every business wish to be one or other way  this will help for building an online business using a multi apparel store where customers can  choose  category and purchase products online. Customers  add items to shopping cart and view  content. Payments are  through pay pal  payment gateways can be integrated. this helps the Site admin can view and manage products and orders.this the optimal solution for clothing and footwear manufacturers , retailer  expand their business through an on-line presence. so this will the best way you have chosen.the same and if you want to start a site  then you have reached the right place. Our Clothing  ECommerce Script has all the relevant features and benefits that could result in bringing a hike to your business career.

Regular Price: $2,246.00

Special Price $1,273.00


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Features in general

  1. Admin Panel To Manage Products, Order, Gallery
  2. Content Of Home Page
  3. General (site and static pages).
  4. Managing Accounts
  5. Category (main /sub of products)
  6. Gallery (site and products)
  7. Shopping Cart (price and orders of products).
  8. Options (language and constant)
  9. Real-Time Visual
  10. Custom Design And Style
  11. Multidimensional Models
[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/3"][vc_column_text]UNIQUE FEATURES
  1. List of product
  2. Details of product available
  3. Price list
  4. Booking
  5. Reservation or cancellation
  6. Amendments
  7. Services
  8. Usage guide
  9. White Label Solutions
  10. API
[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/3"][vc_column_text]USER PANEL LOGIN 1. valid email-id, username and password for login 2. Register link for new user 3. Log in using Face book , social media   FORGOT PASSWORD 1. A password will be sent automatically to email   REGISTRATION 1.Basic account information such as email-id, password and confirm password 2.Basic contact information such as address, mobile number etc 3.After successful registration Email notification 4.Captcha validation 5.Terms and conditions view   SEARCH 1.Basic search through online store 2.List the user and its details 3.Select the desired online store 4.details and send email 5.details send by SMS 6.View the online store and videos 6.The filter will be a sticky 7. using mouse arrival, departure, items, pictures in tool WALLET User can add cash from bank into Wallet, so that once , the cash would be generated directly from the wallet instead of going through payment DETAILS SMS 1.Product list through sms 2.Details of product and stores 3.sms details by product and day,month,year EMAIL 1.Online products and store through mail 2.product and day,month,year 3.details of products and goods   PAYMENT 1.Page of payment 2.using Payment Gateway 3.Validate the user details 4.User details send through sms 5.View the terms PRODUCT PAGE 1.List of product 2.Details of online store 3.Details of product and usage 4.Sms facility 5.Email facility 6.Order  / cancel product   SHOPPING 1. Details of products 2. Image view 3.View about product 4.Features about product 5.Reviews about consumer 6.Demo about products 7.Rating giving by customer 8.Consumer percentage 9. Online chat about product   LAUNCH 1.Product of apparels 2.Smart view about product 3.Online store in fast 4.Ease way as quick as possible   PLATFORM 1.Organize the products in one platform 2.One software in displaying the products 3.Daily deals and offers for apparels 4.Multiple clothing merchants 5.Auction / sales   PAYMENT
  1. Ease access for life time
  2. One time payment
  3. Customizing
  4. Open source code
  1. Amount to be reviewed
  2. Calculate the amount to be refunded
  3. Status of amount are checked
[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width="1/3"][vc_column_text]ADMIN PANEL REGISTRATION 1.Link for creating account 2.Sign up process 3.Email automated after registration LOGIN 1.Valid email id 2.Username and password 3.Password security 4.Protection PANEL AND SETTINGS 1.Profile pattern 2.Info details of profile 3.Maintenance of target 4.Control and security 5.Program at ease 6.Settings 7.Edit and mange (name , url , logo )   PROFILE 1.View the details 2.Edit the  details, block and unblock the agent record 3.Change the login Password   MANAGEMENT 1.Add the details 2.Searched by  type, from the  city and status 3.List the product  Ajax functions 4.Manage the  details (Edit, delete, block and unblock, pagination) 5.View the particular  structures designed by drag and drop 6.Detail and search list of products   IMAGE 1.View the product image 2.Add or edit image products 3.Upload or manage images   MANAGEMENT CONSUMER 1.List the booked consumer 2. View the particular consumer details 3.View the particular consumer or buyer,  product details 4.Searched by consumer details using ,  type, from, to city BOOKING 1.Searched by  details using from the city, to city and date 2.List the  details 3.Select the desired available point and then book CANCEL PRODUCTS 1. products 2.View the particular products details 3.Filtered by products , date PAYMENT MANAGEMENT 1.List the details 2.View the particular  transaction details 3.Filtered by product type, from city, to city , date CANCELLATION POLICIES 1.Add the refund status 2.Manage the details(edit,status,delete) 3.SMS LOG DETAILS 4.List the sms details 5.Manage the details(delete) 6.Search sms details by  and day,month,year EMAIL LOG DETAILS 1.List the email details 2.Manage the details(delete) 3.Search  email day,month       REPORT 1.Maintenance on statistical based 2.Chart based report 3.Graphical report on online store 4.Month-year wise report 5.Transaction details   WALLET 1.View the amount in wallet 2.Reviewing the amount 3.Product detailed list 4.Depositing amount in wallet   PRINTING / CANCELLING 1.The bills are printed 2.Products can be viewed and cancelled 3.Buying the products I choice based 4.Cancel the products as clients   STATISTICS 1.Graph options on products 2.Listing the product sale or purchased 3.Booking or making order on apparels  /  clothing 4.Individual service agents of products   MANAGEMENT CLOTHING / APPARELS 1.Options in choosing the store 2.Search list of clothes 3.Seasonal search 4.Discount for clothing and products 5.Details about daily deals 6.Fashion and wearing 7.Trendy of choice   CITY 1.List of city and store 2.Options based choice of city 3.Searching the list by drop down method 4.Contact info ROUTE MANAGEMENT 1.Select the source city 2.Add the destination city USER 1.Registered user list 2.Details of registering user 3.Managing users about the store 4.Online viewing users   TYPE 1.Usage and product type 2.Details of products 3.Details about store   CONSUMERS 1.View the consumer and details 2.Usage of products 3.Usage of consumers 4.Details about products book PRODUCT BOOKING 1.Searched by product details using from city, to city and date 2.Select the desired product and available point and then book the product 3.choice in Cancel the product no, date, from to city CANCEL PRODUCTS 1.List all cancels products 2.View the particular product details 3.Filtered by products using no, cancel date, booked MANAGEMENT MANAGE BANNERS Banners to pop-up with offers would be generated. MANAGE MARQUEE TEXT Texts as flash notes either at the top or bottom of the page could be generated. COUPON Day-to-day offer coupon codes would be generated   COMMISSION 1.Details of amount 2.View the percentage 3.Transaction of amount 4.Send the amount to service provider   PAYMENT 1.Mode of paying money 2.Gateway of payment 3.Details of amount to be paid SMS 1.Details viewed through message 2.Reviewing the sms in auto update 3.Managing the messages EMAIL 1.List of products through mail notification 2.Stores viewed through mail 3.Products and details 4.Order and cancel POLICY IN CANCELING 1.View about the policy 2.Details in canceling  the products 3.Terms and conditions   SERVICES OF PRODUCT 1.Usage and services about products 2.Details of  products 3.List of products and usages   BOOKING BENEFITS 1.Benefits of products 2.Booking advantages 3.Users benefits 4.Product usage [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/3"][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/3"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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