Online booking is a convenient way of booking your travel over the internet. Using the online services you can:

  • Book a flight and pay online for your travel
  • Request for a particular seat, special meal or service
  • Redeem your frequent flyer miles online
  • Check Flight status
  • View the Schedule/timetable
  • Web Check in
  • Make an online booking using the NGPAY mobile app


  • Advance and Quick Search facilities
  • Google Maps integrated
  • Multi Language Source and Access
  • Multi Links
  • Web based application and easy to host


Here is a place to approach as a ease and comfort with a team in supporting , maintenance  .

Response effect in our relationship with the customer .

 The profit will not been attain in a single step rather in a years to go on .

DOD is a concern with a technological team and good effort can be seen in their work .